At ABBEY ROAD CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS all of our teaching staff are trained to teach with the same methodology, and thus evaluate in the same way (taking into account the individual learning needs of each student).


Evaluations are done every 4 weeks and are based on all of the necessary skills needed in language use (Speaking, listening, reading, writing). For very young learners we also have a phonics scheme to evaluate their development.


si queréis comprar los libros del curso en Internet, los podéis encontrar aquí


All teachers at ABBEY ROAD CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS correct writing in the same way so that students can understand their written errors.

This is a reference sheet to know how writings are corrected, use throughout the course.

The key to good writing at any level is to keep it simple and logical so that it is easy for the examiner to read, you need to avoid simple mistakes in the use of simple grammar forms. It needs to include some complex grammar forms that are adequate for the target reader and purpose and familiar vocabulary that will help with understanding.

SP – spelling mistake

G – grammar mistake (a suggested alternative will be given)

V – vocabulary (a suggested alternative will be given)

WO – word order

P – punctuation mistake (corrections will be made in red)


After correcting the writing a general comment will be made where necessary.

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