How to pass the Use of English and reading part of the FCE B2 EXAM



What do you have to do in the B2 FCE exam?

The use of English and reading parts of the exams are joined. You can do them in any order. My suggestion is to begin with what you find easiest; this will motivate you and also help you if you run out of time and cannot complete the whole part of the test.

(PART 1) For questions 1-8 read the text and decide which word (A-D) best completes the gap

(PART 2) For questions 9-16 read the text and fill on the gap with one word. USE ONLY ONE

(PART 3) For questions 17-24 read the text and use the (root) word given to form the correct word that best completes the sentence

(PART 4) For questions 25-30 complete the sentences with 2-5 words so that it has a similar meaning to the first, include the word given. DO NOT…

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