SPEAKING – First certificate (B2) Cambridge ESOL


Speaking exam:

Learning with mistakes is part of the learning process and completely natural, «We need classes that develop the courage to commit errors» (Hattie 2009, p. 178).

APPFInterview (part 1) 2 minutes: The examiner will ask you questions individually and you need to answer with extended answers or about 30 seconds. The questions are simple but you need to elaborate your answers and make them more interesting to show you can develop, when we develop answers we show confidence with language use. Link everything to your opinion and personal experiences. The important thing is to show that you want to participate and are willing to speak.

Long turn (part 2) 3 minutes: In this part of the exam, each student speaks individually for 1 minute (do not stop until the examiner says “thank you”) about 2 photos. The candidate needs to compare the images using a variety…

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